Non-Traditional Loans

These loans are for clients that cannot qualify for traditional financing.  They are provided through investors.  What this means is I broker, or hand the loan over to an investor who underwrites too their guidelines.  For many clients, this is the only hope for home ownership! 


  • Recent Bankruptcy or Foreclosure.
  • Tax liens on record. 
  • Self-employed person that writes off too much, to qualify for traditional financing.
  • The "Johnnie Lunch buckets" (consumers in the avg. 200k-  500k home) that have scratch and dents on their mortgage loan...for example 30-day late payments.  
  • Real estate investors wanting to purchase more investment properties.  Flexible DTI, allows them to purchase.
  • There were 813,000 divorces filed in 2016.  Often divorces result in challenging credit issues.   
  • Up to one million Americans will need a loan to payoff their ballooning private money 1st and 2nd mortgages, aka hard money.  They don’ t have mortgage history on their credit report.  They need us.
  • 976,000 Americans will need to payoff their HELOC loan in 2018.  The ten yr. Balloon comes due and they won’ t have 50k to 100k...but they do have equity. 
  • Thousands of investors need a loan on their non-warrantable condo’s.

Loans Include

  • Bank Statement Program
  • Non-Prime for Borrowers with recent credit issues
  • Investor Cash Flow "No Income" Program
  • Foreign National Program up to 75% LTV
  • No Income Asset Qualifier Program to 75% LTV