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I am fortunate enough to have been granted a front row seat in witnessing the amazing feats that Element Funding has accomplished over the last eleven years. None of which would have been possible without the hard work and commitment of our treasured associates, referral partners, and great customers. I'm proud to relay our biggest accomplishment to date, making the dreams of homeownership a reality for over 28,000 families.

At Element Funding, we believe in the importance of family. We fully realize that buying a home is the singularly most emotional and greatest financial purchase that a family will ever make. To that extent, we place an incredible amount of emphasis on never missing a closing date. This all leads back to our strong belief in the importance of keeping our promises.

We celebrate our associates, referral partners and customers with gatherings and consistent communication. We promote and embrace the concept of "lender for life" and want our customers and partners to think of Element Funding anytime they, or a family or friend of theirs, has a housing finance need. Element embraces technology that not only helps our valued customers but allows Element loan officers to keep our customers informed on the latest real estate finance trends.


We look forward to continuing this fantastic journey with you.


     Larry W. Sutton, Jr.

     Element Funding

     Division President